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AGATAPARK is a production agency based in London.
we are specialized in fashion shows, photo-shoots, adv campaign, unique and private parties, boutique openings, product launches, exhibitions and award cerimonies.

we aim to create the most unusual and intensive experiences for fashion and luxury brands, image creators, film directors, photographers worldwide.
AGATAPARK loves to work globally and has a nomadic, multilingual and versatile team.

AGATAPARK is always on top of the project, from the very smallest detail to the bigger picture, giving proof of the unflagging enthusiasm of its team.
we work with constant dedication to each individual task creating highly personalized events based on each clients’ vision and expectations.

we have access to the most exclusive and unique properties, from the most antique and historical palaces to the main luxurious and modern venues.
AGATAPARK takes care of every project side by side with world class suppliers and specialists, assuring our clients the best outcome ever.



art direction
concept creation
event design
overall production logistics
budget management
research and planning
supplier management
status reports & schedules
crew bookings


set building
on set amenities
equipment hire


casting direction
hair – make-up staff
backstage & collection coordination
photo assistants
sound design
lightning direction
video production
art and prop buying


Astrid G. Ferretti is the founding director of AGATA PARK based in London and UNAA based in Milan.
Born in Italy and raised in Canada, she is the mastermind behind many major fashion, luxury and private events that make headlines around the world.

By taking the time to recognize the beauty in every element, she discovers an enticing fusion of audio and visual creativity mixed with the concrete problem solving necessary to create a special event, and decides that production would be her life path.

Returning to her native Italy, by way of England and Germany, Astrid begins her career as producer with Italiana Produzioni in 1989, where she works on the live broadcast TV program “Donna Sotto le Stelle”, an annual fashion show taking place in Rome’s Piazza di Spagna, featuring the world’s top maisons and super models of the day.

With the artistic eye of a photographer, alongside her professionalism, talent for solving problems, language skills and her anglo-saxon sense of practicality and logic, a quick rise in the system was assured. Soon she was working on a series of TV programs, music videos, and adv campaign , as well as organizing private parties for demanding personalities such as Donatella Versace and fashion shoots for world renowned photographers.

After coordinating the production of Dolce & Gabbana’s 20th anniversary celebration in 2005, Astrid decided to start her own company, UNAA in Milano and soon after she began working in London and fouded Agata Park. With the support of her world class team has gone on to produce major events on a global level, from London to Hong Kong, Paris, Shanghai and New York in addition to her native country.


agata park

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